After 12 long years of making really good wines, for really nice people, I decided that it is time to make some even better wines for myself. And obviously for you too. And for a whole lot of other deserving people on this planet. So if you are keen on good wines, wines that oozes personality and want to keep ahead of the Jones’s, this is the right place to be.

Here at Fram we’ll always sail into uncharted waters, to boldly search for whatever great grapes lie behind the next hill, over the next horizon. Bringing great wines from the Here Be Dragons areas of the wine map. With an extremely shaky captain like myself at the helm, this can only be an exciting journey.

20 wines from now you’ll be more sorry about the good wines you never drank than about the bad ones you did drink. So cast off the bowlines, drink away from the safe options and EXPLORE DREAM DISCOVER – with full apologies to Mr Mark Twain.

Thinus Krüger CEO & President Winemaker Grape crusher Sole employee #1 Fan of pluralis majestatis

Arcanum boni tenoris animae

“The secret behind a good mood”

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